Pier 44 Boat Slips

State-of-the-Art Facilities
with Exceptional Service

Explore life on the sea, and come home to the luxury of finding everything that you could possibly need in one location.

Enjoy the Ease of Seamless Navigation with Our Slips’ Rounded Finger Ends.

A massive part of our vision for Pier 44 was to transform this space into a center that would provide everything a boater needs, all in one place. We are proud to equip our clients with not just clean and efficient facilities, but also uncompromising service that inspires confidence and security.

Features and perks:

  • 24-hour marina, controlled access gate
  • Boater restrooms with showers and laundry
  • On-site pump-out station
  • Dinghy docks and transient slips
  • Boat repair and maintenance facility*
  • Wi-Fi / internet service* (offered by Bel Air Internet)
  • Bicycle racks & lockers*
  • Walking distance from Burton Chase Park, close to LAX and Venice Beach
  • Trader Joe’s, restaurants, boutiques, bank, sailing schools, yacht club, boat brokers & dealers and other offices located on the property
* Additional charges and fees may apply.

Dry Stack
Boat Storage

Pier 44 Marina offers dry stack boat storage facilities on the water. Book with us and preserve the performance and resale value of your boat:

  • Capacity for boats up to 28 feet
  • The convenience of valet services—your launch reservations will be directly handled by forklift operators. Your boat will be ready and waiting when you arrive.
  • Secure boat storage on racks
  • No corrosion or oxidation to the outdrives
  • No need for anti-fouling paint

For an additional charge, we also offer the following services:

Full wash
Battery check and charge
Power wash
Bottom paint
Carpet cleaning
Engine maintenance and repair
Sewage pump-out

Rental Criteria

Interested parties wishing to obtain a slip at Pier 44 Marina will be required to provide original documentary materials to the Marina Manager, demonstrating that they and their Vessel, meet the criteria listed below. Under no circumstances will a vessel be permitted to enter the marina unless all necessary documentary materials have been submitted to, and an application approved by, the Marina Manager. Below, are required of all applicants. We kindly request that all documents be submitted on one occasion, at one time. This will enable us to ensure that the applications are processed in a timely manner. All documents will be copied and returned to the applicant.
For privately owned Vessels, submit a completed “Pier 44 Rental Application Form” for each registered or documented vessel owners. Current original state registrationor US Coast Guard Documentation for the vessel must be submitted with all application.
The amount of $50.00 is payable as “Application Fee” upon application, this amount is non-refundable and will be used to process & review applicant rental, credit, financial history and other background information through major credit bureau.

Applicants may reserve a slip in their name, pending application approval, by submitting the following:

-The appropriate “ Slip Application Form(s)”

-The appropriate “ Slip Application Fee(s)”

-Valid driver license or other valid form of picture ID.

The amount of $500.00 is payable as “Slip Holding Deposit” upon application approval, this amount will be credited toward the slip tenant’s first month slip fees. The full amount will be refunded should a refund be requested within twenty –four (24) hours of payment. After this time, however, if the applicant decides not to proceed with the application, the amount will be forfeited to the marina. If application is requested by the marina, a full refund will be issued even after this period.

Please note that that the Application Fee and Slip Holding Deposit are all payable by two (2) checks, one for each amount. A slip may be reserved for a maximum of fourteen (14) days. After this time, the boat storage lease agreement must be signed and slip tenancy commences.

Submit current color photographs of the actual Vessel showing bow, stern and sides. Photos must be taken within the last 30 days.
All vessels must pass inspection performed by the Marina Manager prior to acceptance into the Marina. To facilitate this, a local berthing of the vessel in Marina Del Rey, will be necessary. At the discretion of the Marina Manager, any Vessel, especially those 5 years old or older, may require a current out-of-water marine survey and/or engine survey report to be completed. These reports must include details testifying as to the general condition, seaworthiness and operational ability of the Vessel. Only a current licensed surveyor is to be used for this purpose. A list of marine surveyors is available upon request from the Marina Manager. Please note that this list is offered as a guide and courtesy only and is not to be regarded as a recommendation of any particular surveyor. The Vessel’s appearance must exhibit excellent care and owner pride in relation to its cosmetic condition and maintenance. This includes, but is not limited to, the following Vessel components and fixtures: -Hull pain or varnish must not be discolored or in a state of oxidation or decay. -Hull must be buff, free of scuffmarks, discoloration, cracks, blister and damage. -Paint and PVC stripping, lettering, logos and aesthetic paint treatments must be in good condition and not peeling, fading, cracking or damaged. -Hull should not have excessive marine growth. -All canvas and eisen glass including zippers and snaps, should be clean, free of tears, fading discoloration and general decay. -Bright work should be clean, not cracked or discolored, whether varnished, oiled or natural. -All wood trim, swim steps, wood and non skip decking should be clean and free of stains, cracking and discoloration. -Stanchions, stainless steel, railing, anchors and other metal fixtures should be clean and free of damage, rust, discoloration and corrosion. -Lifelines should not be discolored or decaying. -Mast and spreaders must be in good condition. -Rigging should be in good condition with no evidence of rust or discoloration. -Vessel name should be clearly readable and in good condition. -All Vessels ‘tendered to’ and separately registered dinghies and whalers must exhibit like standards of care and cleanliness. In Addition to the above, once a Vessel arrives in the Marina, the following will apply: -Fenders and dock wheels should not be discolored or deflated but in new or like new condition. -Vessel lines should not be frayed or discolored. -Water hoses, nozzles and adaptors should be in new or like new condition, without leaks. -Marine grade shore power cords must be clean and free of scuffmarks and discoloration. -Dock steps should be in a new or like new condition and a maximum of ½ finger width. -No dinghy floatation devices are permitted. -Items stored aboard the Vessel must be in good condition and are subject to approval by the Marina Manager. -No tarpaulins are to be visible to the Vessel at any time. -Halyards, riggings and all lines are to be securely fastened in order to prevent noisy flapping. -The Vessel will be measured to include all attachments, forward and aft. The maximum vessel overhang in slip is four (4) feet. The minimum vessel length permitted is within ten (10) feet of the slip length.
Submit original state Registration or US Coast Guard Documentation for the vessel and any associated tenders, dinghies, or craft.
Submit evidence of income such as current tax return, pay stub or two consecutive month’s bank statements showing at least two and a half (2 ½) times the slip fee. In lieu of the above, a deposit of two (2) times the slip fee will be accepted.
Prior to a vessel’s arrival in the marina, submit evidence of insurance listing ‘PACIFIC MARINA VENTURE LLC, PACIFIC OCEAN MANAGEMENT LLC, and the COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES’ as additionally insured. A minimum Hull Protection and Indemnity coverage of $500,000 and Pollution Coverage of $500,000 is required. No vessel will be permitted to the berth in the marina without the above insurance. Evidence of insurance for all associated tenders, dinghies, and other craft likewise be submitted.
The greater of slip or vessel length is charged. A vessel is measured to include all attachments, forward, or aft. Electricity, water, and WiFi/Internet are 3rd party company and are charged and billed separately.
No live aboard vessels allowed.
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